Hyip Advice 5

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Hyip Advice 5

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Topic 5: Always ask for all available information.

Most elite investors always ask for available information when a company passes all the other analyzing method. Here's what you need to ask for certain situations:

Situation 1:

When such a program said they're a company, or when the name of that program has "Ltd", always ask for their incorporation documents. If they fail to provide you their incorporation documents, they're a scammer.

Situation 2:

If they provide you with incorporation documents, view it closely and make sure the background is there. Documents scanned into the computer with a scanner usually have a background. Good scanners don't have this, but you can see the edge of the scanner at the sides of the image. If the image does not have this feature, you can consider it a scam. Because no background = computer drawing - and is not acceptable.

Situation 3:

So, what's the difference? Reliable programs usually have quality support. To do that, staff will have to respond quickly and use short but professional sentences.

Situation 4:

Sometimes when you ask a question of a HYIP admin / support staff (scammer or ponzi), they usually respond poorly or give nonsense explanations. Such as:

"How do you trade? Are you doing short position when a stock is going down?"

Answer: "We do short position when a stock goes down, and long position when a stock goes up. That's the only thing we do."

Well, the stock market is more complex than that. It's not only short and long positions. Moreover, a company will not expose the trading technique. Such as:

"How do you trade? Are you doing short position when a stock is going down?"

Answer: "Unfortunately we can't expose the way we trade as it is a secret. We deal with commodities, stock, forex, and oil trading."

A good support will not tell you how their company trades, they are not allowed to. They usually will try to get off-topic by telling you what they deal with.

They will not tell you how they trade, this is professional.

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