How Hyip Works Tutorial

How hyip works - all of them use the same process.

First of all, you must have an electronic money (ecurrency) system to invest in. The most popular of them is e-gold, created in 1996.

This e-currency is a gold wallet, full of gold grams or gold ounces.

This is gold money, because this account is linked to gold prices.

You have to buy e-gold and put it in your egold account to start investing in a hyip. You can do this with the exchange services you can find on the e-gold website. You can buy gold with credit card, or wire transfer from your bank.

Then, when your e-wallet is full of gold money, you are ready to earn money online through e gold investing.

Next, you have to register with the hyip service to create an account. You give the details they request, and make a deposit to their e-gold account to start your investment. That's it!

The hyip company manages your funds to create interests, and send info in your investor account.

Your principal will stay active and been blocked for some months and return in balance after the period.

Eitherway, your interest is generally available under 48h by withdraw.

To create a new e-gold account, click on the logo, and you will find on the left the link to "Create an Account":

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