HYIP Advice 1

Hyip advice 1: Interest Rate

This is the first component for analyzing a HYIP. Before I start, I must tell you that knowing this component will not be enough. You need to learn other components for analyzing a HYIP successfully.

First you need to know the highest interest rate for a HYIP, not their plan.Look at the highest interest.

Level of interest rates are: 0.1% - 4% daily

If the HYIP exceeds this by even 0.1% daily interest, for example 4.1%, do not invest.

If the HYIP offers hourly interest, don't invest even if it was 0.1% hourly (2.4% a day).

Hourly interest is offered to lure investors in and the HYIP will surely be a scam.

If a HYIP offers weekly interest, take the rate and divide by 7 days, or for monthly interest divide by 30 days.

After calculation, the interest must not exceed 4% daily.

Conclusion: No matter if it's daily, weekly, or monthly, the interest must not exceed 4% daily.

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