E-lottery Syndicate versus Hyip

E-lottery syndicate versus Hyip

If you are interested in ways of making money with the help of the Internet, these are two possible options you might want to consider. There are pros and cons to both. Below is a brief overview of each and a look at the advantages and disadvantages.

Lottery Syndicate

With this lottery online, you are able to purchase tickets as part of a larger group and maximize your odds of winning, and you can do it internationaly at your home. The e-lottery syndicate is only applicable for the UK Lotto, EuroMillions, and the Spanish Superdraw. You decide how often you want to play when you join the syndicate, and your syndicate is automatically assigned its numbers through the program. From time to time, the numbers may change as syndicate membership changes. Your syndicate is filled constantly through the efforts of the organization.

Advantages of E-lottery

When you are a part of the e-lottery syndicate, you stand a much better chance of winning. In fact, you have a 36 times greater chance of being a winner at Euromillions than you do playing without the syndicate. That's because you'll have more numbers and that equals more chances to win. However, you won't have to spend more than normal to increase your chances of winning.

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Downside of Lottery Syndicate

The downside of a lottery syndicate is that you still don't face great odds of winning. Most of these lottos do attract millions of players so the chance of your syndicate hitting the numbers isn't fabulous, although you might be very likely to win some of the lower price amounts. Additionally, the prize winnings are divided up amongst the members of the syndicate and are not yours to keep alone as they would be if you won independently.


This acronym stands for high yield investment program. These programs operate on the promise that investors will get large returns on their investments. Programs, such as HYIP.com, help monitor current investment programs so you can see which ones are delivering on their promises and which ones are not. You can find a wide range of these programs advertised on the Internet. Most require a set amount of investment to get started because these funds are then used to pay off the earlier investors.

Advantages of HYIP

If you are lucky enough to find a high yield investment program that does deliver results, you may be able to earn a good return. However, be sure to investigate further. Unlike the Elottery syndicate, many of the HYIPs are not legitimate and are not going to provide you with the sure-fired financial returns they promise.

Disadvantages of HYIP

The biggest drawback is that many of them are Ponzi schemes which are usually viewed as illegal investment strategies. Not all of them operate in this way but you must be careful not to get involved in the ones that do. Most of the low-end investors end up losing everything while those at the top walk away with huge amounts of cash. In those cases, you'd be better off spending you money on the lottery online.


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