HYIP Advice 2

HYIP Advice 2

Topic 2: Website Designs

By looking at a website design, you can also make a conclusion about their capital.

Potential High yield investment program or Real Company based HYIP will attempt to attract investors. To do this, the website has to be attractive. Most professional designers costs a lot to hire. For potential programs or real companies, hiring a professional designer which costs a lot won't hurt their business much because they have high capital.

But for scammer and pyramid programs, the webmasters can't afford as much cost because they have low capital or none at all. So, to cover this, they purchase templates which cost only $30 to $400 USD.

Hiring professional designers costs at least $2000 and sometimes more than $50,000 (scripting, graphics designing, on site calculator, login system, automatic deposit and withdrawal calculator, instant e-currency deposit systems, signup).

All these costs add up and $2000 USD is just an average. Most real company websites or potential program websites cost on average $8000 each because they have high capital.

In conclusion, poor design probably hides a hyip scam.

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