HYIP Advice 3

HYIP Advice 3

Topic 3: Check the FAQ page.

Most scammers who use a template always have same FAQ or nonsense / illogical FAQ.

Such as a site offering 25% daily returns has one FAQ, as an exemple:

1. How do you offer such high interest?

"We trade in Forex, stocks and all high yield market. That's why we can provide you with sky high interest."

The problem is, all these aren't enough to make 25% daily returns.There are professional traders getting profits of up to 25% daily. Note, "up to".

They can't always get 25%. Even if they get 25% profits, if they pay 25% or more, what would they have?

No one works for free. Most good programs are paid 1% - 4% as I mentioned previously. These programs earn more than 5%, up to 8% averagely. Paying 1% - 4% is for investors only. They have a lot more profits themselves, and are not paying 25% to investors.

These facts can easily contradict the answer of FAQ saying "trading in stock and forex".

Here is a copy of FAQ - if any site bears this or similiar FAQ page, they are probably scammer: This example of FAQ may or may not be published by a HYIP.

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