HYIP Advice 6

Here is the Hyip Advice 6.

Topic 6: The common mistakes you should avoid.

This topic is for telling you the common mistakes you should learn, to avoid falling into the same trap.

1. Mistakes using a monitor.

Most investors follow what a monitor says. This is a common big mistake.

Forums, monitors and blogs are not trustworthy. To invest successfully, you need to use what you've learnt and never listen to anyone except yourself. Also you can use the monitor to find HYIP lists only, not following their recommendations. Remember to diversify as some of the programs in your portfolio can fail.

Diversification makes sure you earn.

2. Investing in long standing programs.

Some of the investors always follow the track of long standing programs.

This is a dangerous action, especially when the HYIP is a Ponzi Scheme. Some Ponzi Schemes last longer than other HYIPs, such as 2 years. Long-standing programs should be analysed first before making investments in such a program. The longer the Ponzi lasts, the more dangerous it is.

3. Competitors DDoS

Some investors leave a program with no hope, when the program is having website downtime, and after that realize the program is just recently broke. Competitors (Ponzi operators) will always attempt to DDoS the legitimate investment programs around them to make sure they stand as number 1.

When a website of an investment program is down, you must stay and wait until the website is back after 1 month, so that you will not miss out on your profits when the program is ok.

4. Paid voters

When we see negative voting on a program, often we feel we're investing in the wrong program.

There are paid voters out there who try to ruin the reputation of legitimate programs. Such votes must be investigated before you determine if the program you're investing in is a scam or not.

You can also ask those who have invested for a very long time in the HYIP field, whether such a program is really reliable. And then ask yourself a set of questions. If the program passes these questions, it will be a reliable / potential program.


These 4 common mistakes are the most important ones. You should read it more than once to make sure you learn these.

Although it's only 4 paragraphs, the knowledge in here is at least 1 years research.

Practice this.

This Hyip Advice 6 is at this moment the last advice of the series.

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