Top Private Secured Hyip with us

Why our Top Private Secured Hyip is really a Top investment

Our philosophy, at Hyip Monitoring, is to have the best word-of-mouth on the market. You can go far with a good word-of-mouth.

From the launch of our website, we have offered our Gold Investment.

This product is developed with a Luxembourg financial company, but we are not authorized to distribute their details.

Your investments are in good hands here.

You can calculate on our page "Hyip calculator" how much you can earn with us each year.


¤ For investing €1,000 for one year:

We offer a €50 bonus. The investment is €1,050. With the compounding option, after one year, your capital will be €1,912.27. Your interest will be €862.27.

Without the compounding option, the interest is €630. In this case the capital after one year is €1680.

I can hear you from my computer: "You are showing in your website companies that return 1% by day, or more!".

Yes, you're right. But how long will they be around?

You can play the "Hyip Game" for a time, with some chance you will make money.

But you need to protect a part of your capital with some reliable programs, like the Gold Investment of the Hyip Monitoring Service.

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