Good Hyips

Where find the best ones

Good Hyips - Where find the best ones, by Nicolas Paramanoff.

High Yield Investment Programs aren’t all bad; some can earn you a fair amount of money while others can cause you to end up with nothing. You should know about HYIP and have a good knowledge of what it is exactly and why people use it. It is important for you to know enough about it to know what ponzi schemes are and what you need to do to avoid them. Scams are serious when it comes to HYIP as they can make you lose everything. The one scam that everyone knows of that has ripped so many people off will be the PIPS (People in Profit System). In May 2006 a HYIP scam search was conducted and it emerged that there were 3500 scams in place.

That statistic has only gotten worse as nothing is done to these scammers because most of them are so difficult to catch. Sometimes it is easy to identify them but difficult to convict them, other times they can be convicted but not found! There are approximately five new scams reported on a daily basis, so you can imagine how the internet is crawling with other people and programs designed to steal your money. The internet is the easiest place to be scammed because there is no physical communication between the two parties; there is no proof of who they really are. They could tell you anything and you would just have to take their word for it.

There are many good HYIPs out there; you don’t have to think that they are all going to rob you because that is not true. One good website that has often been talked about is Many people made their fair share of money on this website when they invested with them. Other websites that people did not have good results from include,,,, and many more. These are websites others would like future investors to avoid if they wish for their investments to get them somewhere. Most of these websites that rip people off so badly do not get approached and this is why they continue to run and steal from people.

There are monitoring services that can help you to determine the good HYIPs from the bad ones. Use only services that you know can be trusted as they could be a scam too. The internet is a wicked place when it comes to money. People will do what it takes to steal from another; it’s sad but unfortunately true. Good HYIPs are out there, they just have to be found. If you can subscribe to a HYIP monitoring service they will let you know of all the good websites there are and they will help you to put your money where it can grow and then come back to you – not into someone else’s pocket.

Good HYIPs might be difficult to find but at least you know once you have found them your money is safe. Investing in the right places can turn in your favor big time; you just have to know where to find them.

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